Monday, July 7, 2008

Random Thought

Hey I was just having a dinner conversation with my coworkers, and for some reason, we started talking about robots and artificial intelligence.

Let's say that hypothetically in the future, we can manufacture very human-like robots. Not only are these robots intelligent, but they can also express emotions like happiness and sadness. They can also feel pain and comfort.

Here's the ethical question we were talking about, and we didn't really have a conclusive answer. Is it wrong to keep such a robot in one's basement and torture it?


HotLikeAToaster said...

Interesting and somewhat related article.

HotLikeAToaster said...

In Spain, they've given apes some basic human rights, because of :

"apes’ human qualities, including the ability to feel fear and happiness, create tools, use languages, remember the past and plan the future."

samh120788 said...

but the real question is, would they be guaranteed due process?
hope you're detecting some good suspicious activity out in california land.